IONmeter EST101

IONmeter EST101 is a static measuring device and reads static electricity without contact. It measures voltage on surfaces and can be used to calculate charge density on insulators..

IONmeter EST101 has a peak positive and negative hold feature and a high resolution of 100 volts on a 50 KV range.

IONmeter 5.0

IONmeter 5.0 is a chopper stabilised electrostatic field meter. IONmeter 5.0 accurately reads static electricity without substrate contact. The compact design and one touch operation makes it very user friendly. The dissipative housing of the unit is EPA (Electrostatic Protection Area) compatible and helps prevent false readings due to voltage leakage through the operator.

Voltage potentials can be measured at 5 pre-selected distances therefore avoiding the need for manual recalculation. The benefits of this are the ability to accurately measure low voltage at close scale ranges and safer, accurate measurement of high voltage at higher scale ranges.

IONmeter 5.0 has a range of +/- 1 – 200KV (at 20cm distance)