Webtek UK and Helios can engineer a cutting solution to suit your specific slitting needs, be it a retrofit of new knife holders onto an existing machine or the replacement of the entire slitting section.

When we replace the existing knife units with new Helios units we also replace the existing dovetail bar with a Helios precision slide system as shown below.

When retrofitting an existing machine the slitting geometry of the old knife units can usually be maintained.

If necessary we can also supply a new mounting beam onto which the new Helios knife units and guide bar can be fitted.

This can also be a solution where the machine down time available to fit the system is restricted. The slitting system shown below was installed and commissioned during a 12 hour machine shut.

A complete slitting system can be supplied to replace an existing system which has reached the end of its operational life.

A slitting system can also be supplied for integration into a machine which previously had no facility to slit in line. This was the case with the printing press shown in the photo below.

The benefits of replacing existing slitting units with new Helios slitting units can include;

  1. Improved cut quality.
  2. Reduction in knife usage due to precise knife load setting through the ‘Soft Cut’ knife head.
  3. Reduction in cut risk to operators with Helios’s advanced knife guarding systems.
  4. Potential improvements in operating speed due to the stability of Helios knife units.