Easy Roller Roll Mover

The Easy Roller is a robust heavy duty roll mover designed for todays 24 hour operation factories.

The long life battery and high torque motor makesĀ  the Easy Roller stress free to use.

Innovative design features include:

  1. Ergonomic tiller handle allowing 200 degrees of movement. If required rolls can be safely pushed with the operator at the side to ensure excellent forward visibility.
  2. Battery life indicator. Battery changes planned for when you want them not when you don’t.
  3. Emergency-stop. The e-stop is mounted in such a way that if the roll mover is driven backwards and the operator stops (either themselves or because they are up against an object such as another roll or wall) the Easy Roller will automatically stop when the ‘abdominal’ E-stop button is depressed mitigating unforeseen trap situations.
  4. Options of standard or ‘Xtra’ heavy duty machine for oversize rolls or for pushing rolls up onto conveyor systems.
  5. 2 Battery packs and a charger supplied with each machine.